Friday, July 25, 2008

Jocko Domo

Jocko Domo is a traditional japanese goods store that started between august-september 2007 in a small shop located in United Creators @ Meyonohk.

During a period of three months Jocko Domo has grown inmensely, first having shops in the most famous traditional okiyas like Amatsu Mitsukai, the old Blue Lotus okiya and Ayumi's water front Japan.

On november 9th I bought 2048 sqm @ Fenric sim. That day Jocko Domo's mainstore was born. Now Jocko Domo is not only my mainstore but also a japanese shop area with most of the best japanese designers in sl and also the home of Mitsuba Ochaya a traditional teahouse.
More Jocko Domo locations are available in japanese sims like Bakumatsu, the new Blue Lotus Okiya, Little Yoshiwara Okiya, Milky Kimono Center and the list continues....

Kahiro Watanabe

PS: You can visit my mainstore clicking on this link