Monday, November 30, 2009

Zen Series (by Kunst Himmel)

In this post you will see a few works by Kunst Himmel. I only made the scripts on these products, while Kunst Himmel made an amazing work in sculpting and baking:


Zen Vase 1:
You can select different types of bamboo and one palm plus you can choose between different colors for the vase

Zen Vase 2:

It comes with a candle. You can choose different colors.

Sake Set:

Zen Sake Set:

A very detailed and low prim sake set with many functionalities like automatic serving and access levels

Japanese Lamps

Japanese paper lamps are a very important symbol in asian culture, they are not only used for lighting, but also for festivals like Obon where floating lanterns are placed on a river stream to represent our friends that are not longer with us.

I was very inspired when I made these ones, I wanted it to be very functional and customizable.
The light script changes luminosity and glow randomly like if there were a real candle inside. Also you can change wood color and paper motif, giving you a lot of combinations.

Finally, in the ceiling version you can adjust cable's size automatically with menu buttons.

You can buy or test these lamps at my mainstore: Click to teleport
If you don't have a Second Life account you can make one for free by clicking here