Friday, September 19, 2008

New Kimonos

After a long time (a year) without making any kimonos, I decided to make new ones.
They're geisha kimonos with delicate colors and patterns, a delicate kimono for the experinced geisha...

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Jocko Domo on slexchange (xstreet)

Jocko Domo on onrez

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jocko Domo Ad @ Second Style Magazine

I placed an ad in Second Style Issue #21. I hope you like it :)

Second Style Magazine

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New store design

I was feeling depressed with the store design, too enclosed, so I decided to make it more open and wide, plus it helped me to save prims. I hope you like these new layout:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Now you can get all my products in

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Japanese buildings & decor

Buildings, something really fun to do and something that you can't avoid in japanese culture.

Torii is a traditional japanese gate used mainly for temples. These two come in two versions: 61 prims and 26 prims. For 500L you'll get both.

A traditional japanese building that can be used as house/okiya/teahouse/shop or whatever you want. Copy mod version! 750L

A simple but useful table set copy mod version, cushins with kneeling animation, all ready to go. 100L

Floor lamps. Also High prim version and low prim version (39 and 9). Get both at 150L

Saisenbako (donation box) High Prim and low prim versions (13 and 1) only 100L

I have other buildings that I did not include, please visit my mainstore to take a loot at them by clicking here

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Food & Drinks

Kimonos, Parasols, Fans, they're pretty. But it's time to get something to eat.

My first green tea set created on September 2007.
Ideal for minarai for using in their first tea ceremony lessons. Or to use at home or parties. Really low price: 100L

From the same line of products, sake set in two kinds: Ginjo-Shu and Junmai-Shu. Created in august 2007

Sushi Set

Comes in a high prim and low prim versions. Created on september 2007

Green Tea Ceremony

I made some advance in the scripting/building for this one. It has some interesting features like steam control, speech mode (so the geisha doesn't have to write tea ceremony by hand), also the "Give To..." function that lets you give a cup of tea directly from script menu!.

It's not sctrictly traditional but the features it has makes it very interesting and at a very low
Creation Date: November 2007
price: 275L

San San Kudo Ceremony: used for misedashi and japanese wedding a special sake set. There are only two in sl. It has an auto attacher so the couple doesn't have to attach the cups each time. Created on January 2008

Sake Set Deluxe

A modern sake set with nice script features like color changin, access mode, speech mode and "Give To..." feature. Created on May 2008.
A very complete sake set, only 250. Only 12 prims.

Chanoyu - Thin Tea Ceremony Set -

This is a very special product for me. I noticed that there was not a truly tradicional japanese tea ceremony set in SL. So I started researching. I met by accident a RL Tea Ceremony apprentice
Contessa Hissop (sl name) she was Kaji Aso's apprentice. So she provided me pictures and really valuable information about Chanoyu. So in this set even each item's position respects tradition. Contessa has written a ceremony speech that you can use with this tea set.
Also she has opened a new sim, if you really want to know about tea ceremony you must go there: Click HERE to go.

This tea set is really complete and has a lot of features. If you want the instructions manual send me an IM and i'll give it to you. Or you can go to Jocko Domo and test it by yourself

Click HERE to go to Jocko Domo

Hand Fans

So, kimonos, parasols...what's missing? Ah!...Right!!! Hand Fans!! I think it's one of the products that customers more enjoy from Jocko Domo.

Hand Fan Blue Ice and Red Dragon

I made previous hand fans before these two. But these ones were the first ones (in SL?) that include Music, Light and also particles. They are controlled by a hand fan hud that also start stops the fanning animation.

These next ones are more detailed, made several months later. They include also Music, Light and Particles.

Only 200L Get them here

Friday, August 22, 2008

Traditional Parasols

If you want something nice to match with the kimonos you should get these parasols. The prim work is very detailed and they come with a script to start stop hold animation.

You can get any of these for only 150L

****Visit Jocko Domo by clicking here****

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jocko Domo - Kimonos -

These were some of my firsts kimonos created in second life. While I'm preparing new ones I thought of showing some of my previous work, I think it's appropiate considering that Jocko Domo has one year old.

Blue, Green, Orange and Pink Satin Collection

Cheerful but delicate textures, ideal for maiko. With scripted obi (you can change its size by touch)

You can get these ones for less than 200L:

(model: MimiSoleil Dagger, also the one who designed the vendor those days)

Modern Geisha Kimono. Not traditional kimono, because geishas need to have fun!, some anime fans like it too.

Modern Geisha Kimono - 300L -

On the next post: Parasols to use with these kimonos.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jocko Domo

Jocko Domo is a traditional japanese goods store that started between august-september 2007 in a small shop located in United Creators @ Meyonohk.

During a period of three months Jocko Domo has grown inmensely, first having shops in the most famous traditional okiyas like Amatsu Mitsukai, the old Blue Lotus okiya and Ayumi's water front Japan.

On november 9th I bought 2048 sqm @ Fenric sim. That day Jocko Domo's mainstore was born. Now Jocko Domo is not only my mainstore but also a japanese shop area with most of the best japanese designers in sl and also the home of Mitsuba Ochaya a traditional teahouse.
More Jocko Domo locations are available in japanese sims like Bakumatsu, the new Blue Lotus Okiya, Little Yoshiwara Okiya, Milky Kimono Center and the list continues....

Kahiro Watanabe

PS: You can visit my mainstore clicking on this link