Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jocko Domo - Kimonos -

These were some of my firsts kimonos created in second life. While I'm preparing new ones I thought of showing some of my previous work, I think it's appropiate considering that Jocko Domo has one year old.

Blue, Green, Orange and Pink Satin Collection

Cheerful but delicate textures, ideal for maiko. With scripted obi (you can change its size by touch)

You can get these ones for less than 200L:

(model: MimiSoleil Dagger, also the one who designed the vendor those days)

Modern Geisha Kimono. Not traditional kimono, because geishas need to have fun!, some anime fans like it too.

Modern Geisha Kimono - 300L -

On the next post: Parasols to use with these kimonos.

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